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What Is a Driver Update for Windows 10

A Windows 10 driver is a program that allows your Windows computer to communicate with hardware or devices. It is important to download proper drivers for your Windows 10 PC when you find the machine does not perform normally. Because:
Network drivers ensure the Ethernet or WiFi connection on your computer and fix no WiFi available, unidentified network and other network issues.

Graphics or display drivers enhance performance of the display adapters when you’re playing video or gaming. They are able to stop your computer from ghost touch screen or other display issues.

Audio drivers ensure perfect quality of audio output and avoid issues like no sound or microphone not working.
Mouse, keyboard and other input devices drivers enable optimal performance of input and prevent issues like no mouse pointer, keyboard and mouse not working and more.

Other drivers like USB drivers, Bluetooth drivers, battery drivers, etc. are also important to the smooth function of Windows 10.

Ways to Download Drivers for Windows 10

Outdated, missing, broken or incorrectly configured drivers can result in serious issues I’ve mention above and affect the use of Windows 10. If you encounter driver problems, you need to go and download the best-match drivers for your Windows 10 computer.

You can download some driver updates from the PC brand site. But downloading proper Windows 10 drivers has never been easier. Many sites of mainstream PC brands have not renewed their driver database for a long time. Some Windows 10 drivers are not available for downloading. If you’ve upgraded the OS to Windows 10 on an obsolete computer, you may fail to download the best-match drivers for it.

To easily download official or WHQL drivers for your Windows 10, you can use the all-in-one driver download utilities, for example, Driver Talent. Most of such software are free and include almost all the drivers you need. For Driver Talent, it can intelligently check all the faulty Windows 10 drivers and download the drivers for hardware and devices.

How to Download and Install Free Drivers for Windows 10

Step 1. Download and install Driver Talent on your Windows 10 PC. You can click the button below to download Driver Talent directly.


Step 2. Launch Driver Talent and click “Scan” to detect all the faulty drivers on your computer, including the outdated driver, missing driver, incorrectly configured driver, etc. For those USB devices, you can go to “Peripheral devices” tab to perform a scanning and then download proper USB drivers.

Step 3. When it finishes the scanning, you will be notice to “Update” or “Repair” the faulty drivers. You can click the button to download and install the best-match drivers for Windows 10 (64-bit or 32-bit) instantly. After the install, restart the computer to make the new drivers take effect.

Thus your computer will be facilitated by the new Windows 10 drivers. Just enjoy the new features on your Windows 10.

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