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Reasons to Download Drivers for Window 8.1 or 8

If you are going to reinstall Windows 8.1 or 8 on your laptop or desktop, then you need to download compatible Windows 8.1 or 8 drivers. Windows 8.1 drivers or Windows 8 drivers are programs that allows for smooth function of your PC by facilitating the communication between the Windows 8.1/8 and the hardware on both 32-bit and 64-bit devices. In your daily use of Windows 8.1 or 8 computer, or after the Windows 8.1/8 reinstall, if you encounter problems like no LAN access, USB 3.0 crashes, Bluetooth not working, etc., mostly, it is the matter of Windows 8.1 or 8 drivers. Any outdated, missing, broken or incompatible Windows drivers can cause such problems and affect the continuity of your office work. So it is really important to download and install proper driver updates for Windows 8.1/8 to improve the performance or enhance the stability of your computer.

Ways to Download and Update Windows 8.1 or 8 Drivers

You have many choices to download drivers for your Windows 8.1/8 computer. For example, you can download the driver updates via the manufactures’ or the PC brands’ website. Windows Update is also available for Window 8.1/8 drivers updating. However, if you have an obsolete computer whose brand’s website does not support the Windows 8.1/ 8 drivers download any more, or if Windows fails to download the driver updates at the same time, you may get stuck on the drivers download process.

For those who like a time-consumed workaround, they often take the one-click solution, namely using professional driver download software. Driver Talent is one of such professional driver download tool utilities. It will help you download the best-match drivers for Windows 8.1 or Windows 8, including the latest official or WHQL Windows drivers. Besides, it will detect all the faulty drivers and notice you to repair them.

How to Download and Update Drivers for Windows 8.1 or 8

Step 1. To download proper Windows 8.1/8 drivers, you need to download Driver Talent firstly.


Step 2. Launch Driver Talent. You can click “Scan” to start detecting your Windows computer for any missing, outdated, incompatible or corrupted drivers. Driver Talent will notice you the faulty drivers after the scanning.

Step 3. You can click “Update” to download and install the best-match drivers for your Windows 8.1/8, or click “Repair” to fix those problematic drivers instantly. If you want to install the drivers manually, you can also go to “Settings” and find the driver download folder.

When all of above are finished, you can restart the computer to make the newly-downloaded Windows 8.1 drivers or Windows 8 drivers take effect.
Now enjoy the new features on your Windows 8.1/8 computer.